Travel Vaccinations

We offer a comprehensive travel advice and vaccination service at the Boathouse Surgery. Travel vaccinations are not an NHS service and so there will be a fee to pay.

However, we aim to ensure that we offer the most competitive prices for travel vaccinations so that you do not need to attend clinics elsewhere.

Vaccine Prices

Our individual vaccine prices should be the same as those of any outside clinic.  However, we do not charge a consultation fee (normally £20) which outside clinics charge. This brings the cost of your visit for vaccinations below other providers.  We do require payment for vaccinations before administering and currently accept cash/cheque or debit card payment.

We do charge a fee for providing a private prescription for anti-malarials, which is also charged by outside providers.


In addition to giving you excellent advice and administering the vaccines you need, you can also purchase your anti-malarials at our dispensary.

Again our charges are very competitive and you can be reassured that the medication is genuine from an established UK supplier and not a counterfeit product.

By using the Boathouse Travel Vaccination clinic you will be helping to support the practice and the other services it is able to offer.

Of course you don’t always need vaccinations to travel abroad. If you do, the type of travel jabs you need depends on which country you’re visiting and what you’re doing.

We recommend that you start your vaccination courses 8 weeks before you travel, because some vaccinations need to be given well in advance to allow your body to develop immunity and some involve multiple doses spread over several weeks.

Which Vaccines?

You can find out which vaccinations are necessary or recommended for the areas you will be visiting on this website, OR  by completing and dropping in one of our Travel Questionnaire.

You can also book an appointment to see one of our travel nurses. These appointments are usually 20 minutes long. The nurse will give you information about your destination and start your vaccination courses if needed. Please complete one of our travel forms before the appointment.


Hepititis B Injection I £40
Hepititis B Injection II £40
Hepititis B Injection III £40
Hepititis B (course of 3) £120
Hepititis B Booster £40
Hepititis B Paediatric £27
Japanese Encephalitis £90 each
Meningitis ACWY £60
Rabies Injection I £55
Rabies Injection II £55
Rabies Injection III £55
Rabies (course of 3) £165
Tick Bourne Encephalitis £65
Yellow Fever Vaccination £60
Yellow Fever Certificate £12
Sterile Medical Pack £18
Private Prescription (e.g. Malaria) £15

Cost of anti-malarials from dispensary

  • Doxycycline: 22p/tablet
  • Malarone: 240p/tablet
  • Lariam: 305p/tablet

Some online sites will offer you medication with no private prescription fee but they charge more per tablet to make up for this cost.

Payment Information

We can only accept cash/ cheques or debit cards. Not credit cards.  Please make all cheques payable to Pangbourne Medical Practice.

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