We respect your right to privacy and keep all your health information confidential and secure. We need to hold personal information on our computer system and in paper records to help us look after your health needs.

It is important that the NHS keeps accurate and up-to-date records about your health and treatment so that those treating you can give you the best possible care. Please help us to keep your record up to date by informing us of any changes to your circumstances.

No information will be given to any other persons without the express permission of the patient, unless you ask us to do so, we ask and you give us specific permission, we have to by the law and our duty of care, we have special permission for health or research purposes, or we have specific permission because the interests of the public are thought to be of greater importance than your confidentiality – for example if a person has a serious medical condition that may put others at risk.

You may also need to discuss some confidential matters with our receptionists or administration staff. If you prefer, you can request to have this discussion in private, rather than at the reception desk. Please let the reception staff know if this is what you would prefer and we will find a suitable space.

All consultations at the surgery take place in private consulting rooms. You will not be disturbed by other members of staff during your appointment, except in exceptional circumstances.