Fees and Charges

Pre-payment in full is required prior to completed paperwork being released. Please see below for services for which there is a charge. VAT is included in these prices.


Private sicknote or certificate of incapacity £20.00
Vaccination certificate £14.40


Seat Belt Exemption report with full medical £120
Driving License application form/photos £24

Fitness to attend – e.g. Sports, school, University, Camp America

Full Medical Examination and Report £120
Report, no examination £80
School Fees Insurance Claim Forms £30

Medical Examinations/reports/forms

Pre-employment/HGV/PVC/Taxi/Driver/Diving/Insurance £120
Private Medical Report £120
Private Medical Report (additional information) £30
To Whom it May Concern Letter £20

Private Medical Letters

  Total £
PPP, BUPA  and other Claim verification forms 25.00
To “whom it may concern” letter 20.00
Passport countersignature 24.00
Firearms Licence 35.00
Private Certificate – unfit for work 20.00
Driving Licence (suggested BMA rate £20.00 excl VAT) 24.00
Vaccination certificate 14.40
Travel claim form 30.00
Sickness/Accident benefit claim (extract from records) 60.00
Certificate for Holiday Cancellation – minimum 30.00
RTA Examination 36.00
Fitness to drive 96.00
Fitness to attend school 120.00
Fitness for sport 120.00
Pre Employment medical 120.00
HGV Examination (with or without medical) 120.00
Report to solicitors 120.00