Patient Access problems

Following the release of version 2 of Patient Access, we have seen an increase in calls relating to patients being unable to sign in. There has also been an increase in calls relating to using a shared email address, available services and repeat medication.

You may not be aware, but to coincide with the release, we have launched a new Patient Access support centre, and we have a new Patient Access support team to deal with patient queries.

We also have a specific support team to investigate any issues, errors, problems a patient has when using or trying to use Patient Access. An issue can be raised using an online form which can be accessed by selecting Contact support on any page of the Patient Access support centre. The patient does not need to make a phone call. The patient will be re-contacted once the issue has been investigated.

Any patient encountering such issues should be encouraged to raise this themselves with Patient Access support. .

The Patient Access support team have the tools and levels of access required to diagnose and fix these issues. By dealing directly with the patient, support can obtain all the necessary information and specifically resolve issues that you can’t at the practice, e.g. email address linked to a closed account